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About Us

Team AI Purity

OUr Story

How It Began

The creators of AI Purity have been in the content writing industry for 12 years. As serial entrepreneurs, they have always known what works, how to adapt, and most importantly, what’s human. With the rise of large language model chatbots, the industry for professional writing has changed immensely. In order to stay in the game, they knew it was important to work alongside artificial intelligence while protecting the boundaries of human-written content. And thus, Team AI Purity was born.

Team AI Purity knew to take advantage of the momentous advancements AI made in early 2022 and it led the team on a journey of adaptation and innovation which birthed AI Purity – an AI detection tool aimed to elevate the standards of academic and professional content while championing originality and intellectual integrity.

Our Mission

We shall be the preservers of intellectual integrity and purify professional settings of AI-written content and plagiarism. We will accomplish this through the creation of harmonious synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence through the use of AI Purity’s technology.

Our Vision

To be the leading global AI detection tool that bridges artificial intelligence’s incredible potential while preserving the authenticity and ethical standards of both academic and professional settings. We envision a future where AI and human ingenuity exist and students, researchers, writers, and professionals can get AI assistance without concerns of plagiarism and academic misconduct.

Team AI Purity

Meet The Minds Behind AI Purity

Dedicated experts from various disciplines, each bringing unique sets of skills and insights are who make up Team AI Purity. With years of experience in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, content creation, marketing, operations, customer service, and ethical writing standards, we have the perfect blend of expertise to ensure that AI Purity remains at the forefront of the AI industry.

Team AI Purity takes pride in committing to innovation, ethics, and academic excellence.



Chief Executive Officer

Kinny is a hands-on leader with over a decade of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He is an alumnus of the Schulich School of Business and is passionate about building ideas and businesses from the ground up. Kinny is an art collector, a travel enthusiast, and a lover of dogs, gardening, rollerblading, reading, and video games.



Chief Operations Officer

Chris has overseen the progress of AI Purity from day 1 and has an unparalleled dedication to his craft including being an entrepreneur and artist. Raised in Brunei and Turks and Caicos, Chris has taken his talents not only to AI Purity but also to Universal Music Group and Def Jam recordings as a music producer who also loves working out and playing video games.



Chief Technology Officer

Seyed Habib Hosseini Saravani has developed AI Purity’s technology. He holds two master’s degrees in Computational Linguistics and Computer Science and has completed his master’s in Computer Science Summa Cum Laude. Habib aims to understand aspects of human language while developing computational models that simulate them.



HR Director

Ganga is the Chief Heart Officer of the company and ensures the AI Purity team’s well-being and alignment with her unique ability to see potential in people and opportunities. She has 12 years of experience in social work and entrepreneurship. Ganga is an avid reader and loves traveling, painting, playing with her dog, and watching movies.



Operations Manager

Jomelyn is an ambivert who manages the AI Purity operations, liaises with the internal team for escalated troubleshooting concerns, and provides exceptional customer service. Jomelyn was an educator who fell in love with operations management and has a passion for event hosting, performing arts, stage design, and event coordination.



Social Media Community Manager

Patricia manages AI Purity socials and is the host of The AI Purity Podcast. Trained in diplomacy and governance, she also uses her research and writing skills to create unique AI-centered blog content. Patricia loves to stay up-to-date with academic and political news and current affairs and loves baking and playing sports.



Content Creator

Krell is a professional multimedia artist who graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts with a major in Visual Design. Krell is a content creator who specializes in illustration, graphic design, animation, and motion graphics. Aside from creating art, she is an avid reader and loves to listen to music.



Web Designer

Baljot is a graduate of York University’s, Schulich School of Business and is an entrepreneur, digital expert, and marketing strategist. Baljot started his own company, a boutique digital agency called Web Sharx in 2009 and has been working in tech as early as 15. Baljot stays updated with the latest technology and finds solutions to computer problems.

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