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For Students Trusted AI Detector: AI Purity

AI Purity created an AI detector that is trusted by students to be their partner in navigating digital and educational spaces while upholding integrity.

AI Purity: A Student’s Trusted Partner and AI Detector

AI Purity is dedicated to empowering students with our cutting-edge tool for academic success. Designed to assist students in producing original and high-quality work, our platform advocates for ethical and responsible AI use.

At AI Purity, students are fostered into a balanced and authentic approach to writing by facilitating their writing skills and learning to harmonize AI-generated text while developing their unique voice and style. Whether students seek to alleviate the stress of essay writing or verifying content for accidental plagiarism, AI Purity will support students at every step.

Advocates For Student Success

AI Purity understands the challenges students may face in today’s academic landscape where AI writing tools are becoming increasingly prevalent. Our platform advocates for student success by providing a reliable tool that enhances their writing process.

Our technology is not just about AI detection, it’s also a tool for empowering students to excel in their students with integrity and confidence. By giving students a tool to verify their work and letting them detect AI-generated text, they can submit their work with more confidence and be guided as they use AI to be more efficient instead of becoming over-reliant.

Ethical AI Usage

More than an AI detector, AI Purity prioritizes ethical AI use. AI technology proprietors are responsible for creating tools that serve society responsibly, especially in educational settings where the next generation is trained. We promote ethical practices and transparency while striving to foster a culture of integrity and trust within the academic community.

Stress-Free Essay Writing

No longer will students have stress or be anxious about writing essays. With AI Purity, students can write essays with AI assistance and use our platform to detect remaining AI traces. AI Purity helps students during the editing process after AI assistance, allowing them to focus on expressing their ideas and maintaining academic integrity.

Accidental Plagiarism Prevention

Accidental plagiarism can happen to students or anyone who uses AI generative tools. With AI Purity, students can proactively identify and rectify unintentional errors before submitting their work. Our advanced AI detection algorithms can help pinpoint similarities in your work which allows students to correct and cite proper sources.

Equipping Students For The Future

AI Purity is committed to equipping students with the tools they need to thrive in digital spaces. By using our AI technology responsibly, we are empowering the next generation to navigate complex challenges and achieve their academic goals.


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How does AI Purity help maintain academic integrity?

AI Purity was created to serve as a model for ethical AI use especially since AI generative text bots became widely used amongst students. Both students and educators can use AI Purity’s AI detector to accurately detect AI-generated content within academic settings.

How can AI Purity eliminate the risk of accidental plagiarism?

AI Purity advocates for responsible AI use, and AI can be beneficial for students during research and writing processes. With AI Purity, students can check their written assignments on our platform before submitting them to their professors in case there are traces of AI-generated content.

Is AI Purity applicable to all academic disciplines?

A majority of academic disciplines require their students to write essays and reports. As long as there are written assignments assigned to students, they can use AI Purity to ensure their assignments are authentically written and original.

How is AI Purity beneficial to students?

It’s no secret that students are using AI generative text tools to aid them in their assignments but there’s a fine line between AI assistance and AI dependence. AI Purity aims to bridge that gap by providing an accurate AI detector so students can use AI tools without having to submit plagiarized work.

Can AI Purity help develop students’ writing skills?

With AI detectors becoming accessible, students can challenge their current writing skills and practice proper citations as they use both AI generative tools and AI Purity to aid them in their writing assignments.


Where Cutting-edge AI Text Detection Meets Affordability

We ensure accessibility for projects of all sizes. Explore our range of options tailored to your needs and budget. Experience the power of precise text detection.
Prices start at $12.95 for our AI Text Detection with a cap of 150,000 words a month, and $19.95 for our API.


150,000 words per month




300,000 words per month



500,000 words per month



1,000,000 words per month


Choose AI Purity’s API Integration

Students have much to gain with integrating with AI Purity’s API, especially for students taking computer science, information technology, and computer engineering.

For our student writers, future journalists, and anyone who uses AI assistance to elevate their work, going premium will cut you time with our batch file uploads, and you can only expect the best, most accurate results with AI Purity!

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