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For Writers AI Purity Is Your Perfect Writing Ally

AI Purity’s AI detector tool is the perfect writing ally for writers. AI Purity remains dedicated to its users across all industries to provide accurate AI detection.

The AI Detector Made To Enhance, Not Replace

Writers in the age of artificial intelligence can enjoy having a powerful ally that enhances their craft without fearing being replaced in the writing industry.

AI detectors can provide invaluable assistance to writers by identifying errors. While AI generative tools can help jumpstart the writing process, they can also be used to propagate disinformation and false news online.

Now more than ever, the role of writers in society is so important that they can continue the highest standard of writing with integrity and authenticity. AI Purity aims to provide them with a tool that can detect AI-generated text and help them maintain originality and keep creating original work.

AI Purity: Revolutionizing The Writing Industry

AI Purity’s creators have been in the content writing industry for over a decade and they saw the need to create a tool that would advocate for writers as generative AI continued to propagate.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it becomes harder to discern between AI-generated and human-written content which is why AI Purity was created — to help writers safeguard the authenticity and integrity of the content they create.

How AI Purity Empower Writers

Accurate AI Detection

Generative AI has its benefits for writers. For one, it can help get the writing process going whenever writing blocks occur. AI Purity is a great tool for writers to help them with analyzing text and differentiating between AI-generated and human-written sentences.

Batch Upload For Premium Users

Writers and editors can use AI Purity in their final checking stages and the best thing is that AI Purity offers a premium feature that allows users to upload their text in batches. It doesn’t affect the results and it saves writers time without the hassle of having to input text manually.

PDF Reports With Comprehensive Insights

Writers can gain access to comprehensive insights through downloadable PDF reports. These reports contain valuable analytics and observations about the text. Professional writers can trust AI Purity as their writing ally to retain high-quality content that isn’t tainted with AI.

Writers using AI assistance can use AI Purity’s PDF reports to get colour-coded results highlighting which sentences are AI-generated text or paraphrased from AI. They have access to statistical information in charts and graphs identifying the exact percentage of human-written or AI-generated text present, as well as a readability analysis (shows how well your text reads) and a similarity score (shows how similar the text is to AI-generated text).

API Integration

Through API integration, writers can enjoy AI Purity being seamlessly integrated into their existing systems. That way, writers can confidently get AI assistance without double-checking their work.


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What makes AI Purity the preferred AI detector choice for machine learning experts and developers?

AI Purity was created for its users to have a precise and reliable AI text detector. Our tool is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of machine learning models as it streamlines the data validation process.

How does AI Purity benefit machine learning experts in ensuring dataset cleanliness?

With AI Purity’s API integration, machine learning experts and developers are provided with a direct approach to ensuring dataset cleanliness. Experts can validate datasets and verify whether data sources are AI-Generated or not, enabling them to confidently use untainted data for their projects.

How can AI Purity safeguard the integrity of training data for machine learning projects?

AI Purity’s AI detection tool is designed to identify and isolate AI-generated content within datasets. Our tool helps ensure that only genuine and high-quality data is fed into machine learning models. Our tool maintains the accuracy and reliability of outcomes and safeguards the integrity of your training data.

What specific features does AI Purity’s AI Detection Tool offer for machine learning professionals?

Our tool provides advanced features such as Similarity Scores, Detailed PDF Reporting with color-coded results and specific percentage scores, and readability analysis to name a few. These features will help machine learning professionals efficiently assess and manage their training datasets.

How does AI Purity adapt to the continuously evolving landscape of AI-generated content?

The team at AI Purity understands that the AI landscape is rapidly evolving. In this regard, we have made it our mission to continuously update our detection algorithms to keep pace with the nature of AI-generated content. By doing our part and staying ahead of the latest developments in AI, we can highly ensure that our tool remains effective, even against the newest forms of AI-generated text.


Where Cutting-edge AI Text Detection Meets Affordability

We ensure accessibility for projects of all sizes. Explore our range of options tailored to your needs and budget. Experience the power of precise text detection.
Prices start at $12.95 for our AI Text Detection with a cap of 150,000 words a month, and $19.95 for our API.


150,000 words per month




300,000 words per month



500,000 words per month



1,000,000 words per month


Choose AI Purity’s API Integration

We recognize the hectic schedules of writers, and thus, we’re committed to collaborating closely with you to streamline your AI Text Detection Process!

Our API seamlessly integrates into your tailored systems, simplifying the entire process effortlessly! Ensuring the authenticity and human touch of your content has never been more straightforward.

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