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AI Checker : A Beginner’s Guide To Using AI Purity

Oct 2, 2023 | Uncategorized

Using an AI Checker is now more than ever super beneficial across multiple business industries. With artificial intelligence becoming integrated into our daily lives, having an AI detection tool that goes beyond the normal features is just what you need!

AI Purity is the best AI detector if you want quick, accurate, and detailed results. With the emergence of AI-generated content online, so has there launched plenty of new AI content detectors. With so many choices available, it can be hard to choose which of these detectors to choose from. While we can’t speak for these other platforms, we can only tell you why you should choose and trust AI Purity over the rest. It’s easy to use, free, and most importantly, detailed.

Here’s everything you need to know about content created with AI, what AI detection tools are, and how you can utilize AI Purity at its highest potential.

Samples of AI-generated content you can see online

AI-Generated Content Online

At the accelerating rate of AI-generated content being posted online whether it be photos, videos, or text, netizens should be more wary and critical of what they see online. There can be pros and cons to AI-generated content and while we should be able to distinguish immediately from human and AI-made content, it isn’t always that easy.

When AI-generated photos first made waves online, it was very easy to spot. For one, AI couldn’t very well generate hyper-realistic images, often adding extra fingers on human portraits and overall having an “unreal” feel to the photos making them easily distinguishable to the naked eye. But because AI is constantly learning, these flaws have become harder to point out and AI-generated images and content in general are slowly becoming more and more believable.

AI-generated videos and sounds have also become potentially alarming as creating “deep fakes” are becoming more accessible and easy to do. Deepfakes are manipulated videos using deep generative methods where you can alter someone’s face on videos and swap it with someone else’s or use other people’s voices to say pretty much anything. This can potentially be dangerous and with AI used in the mix, these edits are harder to decipher and become more seamless as the technology is used more.

Of all the types of content that can be easily generated using AI, text like essays, articles, blogs, and even books are now emerging online. Granted, it’s not always a con to using AI to write text, but there are some instances where using an AI checker is much needed like when AI is being used in academic institutions.

An illustration of a robot learning by reading a book

The Effects of AI on Academic Integrity

With the Chat GPT App now being more accessible to students along with other language model-based chatbots, more students have been submitting essays written by AI. Similar to how important a plagiarism detector is in educational institutions, now so are AI detectors for essays because of the increasingly alarming rate at which AI is being used in school.

According to the University of Wollongong, academic integrity is important because it’s supposed to foster new ideas, creativity, and new knowledge among students and even staff while acknowledging the work of others. When students use AI to complete schoolwork, it can go one of two ways. When used correctly and ethically, AI can greatly benefit and improve the learning experience of students. However, when used unethically, students can use AI to plagiarize and cheat which directly affects academic integrity when continued on a larger scale.

Here are some pros and cons of using AI in the education sector and how students should be utilizing AI for good.

Cons of Using AI In Education

Poses a threat to educators

While AI can never truly replace the value of teachers in the classroom, it poses a very real threat to their vocation. After all, AI is expanding at such a rapid rate and is now weaving its way into the educational sector. Teachers and instructors, according to Forbes, are afraid of AI potentially automating the work they do and making them redundant.

Not all schools have the resources to invest in AI technology

By fully incorporating AI in school curriculums worldwide, the barrier or the gap in learning across various schools widens because not all institutions are capable of shouldering the high costs of developing and implementing tools that are powered by AI.

Lack of human interaction and emotional support

Students learn better with empathic teachers over unsupervised technological methods. AI, despite its irrevocable competence, can never replace or even provide the emotional support that students need to thrive and succeed. A heavy reliance on just AI-learning will inevitably lead to repercussions for students.

Privacy concerns

AI-powered learning tools can potentially collect personal information which leads to privacy and security concerns in the classroom. This limitation doesn’t make its use in schools fully safe or conducive to learning for students.

Using AI to plagiarize

A concerning and widespread phenomenon the education sector currently faces with the launch of Chat GPT and similar language model-based chatbots is its rampant use for plagiarizing which attacks academic integrity and the natural learning potential of students. Students have been passing off AI-generated text as their own which has been highly alarming to educators worldwide. This is why now more than ever is the use of AI checkers needed in educational institutions.

Pros of Using AI In Education

Filling in learning gaps

Some AI platforms can analyze beyond a student’s performance, identifying learning gaps it can potentially fill and which without it would normally go undetected.

Answers student questions quickly

Language model-based chatbots are great for answering students’ questions with rapidity. This technological advancement could potentially encourage students to ask the questions they would normally be too shy to ask in class.

Motivates and engages students

Learning with AI goes beyond the four usual corners of classrooms. When every new technological advancement is introduced to class, it increases the engagement and motivation of students to learn.

Personalized learning

AI learning tools can adapt depending on the student which allows for personalized learning. Instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach to learning that has been around for centuries, now we have access to an elevated learning experience.

Benefits of AI To Educators

Saves time

With the help of AI, educators and teachers can get some of their repetitive tasks by automating them like record-keeping, marking, and even consolidating planning processes. By allowing AI to take over these mundane tasks, teachers can focus more on taking their students’ learning to the next level.

Easy generation of ideas and content

Teachers can use AI to generate new ideas and create new content for their students that are outside the box, which expands their learning experience. AI can also help generate new creative ideas, projects, assignments, and exercises.

Analyze student performance

Educators can also delegate tasks like class attendance, submission of assignments, and even performance. By consolidating these data with AI, teachers can also get assistance in identifying worrying behavior and allow them more insight into their students.

Helps detect AI-generated content

Most AI checkers are also powered by AI and these allow teachers to not let AI-generated text go undetected when it’s being passed off as original by their students.

Scrutinizing generated content from Chat GPT

What Does An AI Checker Do?

AI-detecting tools have become essential instruments for both individuals and organizations in a world where AI is increasingly integrated in content creation and decision making among other facets that are necessary in daily life. The aim of AI detection tools are to maintain transparency and authenticity of content that is shared online.

With the help of advanced algorithms, machine learning models similar to what powers AI chatbots and natural language processing techniques, AI detection tools are able to decipher if the content is primarily created by or influenced using AI or both.

Not all AI detectors were created equal and AI Purity definitely aimed to be more than just your basic detection platform with all these unique and premium features:

Why AI Purity Should Be Your Chosen AI Checker

  1. Transparency
    AI Purity’s color-coded insights give you clear and understandable results that make it easy for users to identify the true origins of the text being checked.
  2. Accurate Detection
    Without making specific claims, AI Purity can accurately tell you and differentiate between AI-written, human-written, and paraphrased AI content.
  3. Newest Technology
    Being the newest AI detector tool available today, AI Purity features the newest technology and advancements in AI and natural language processing which ensures better performance compared to its competitors.
  4. User-Friendly Interface
    Even with all its premium features, AI Purity has a simple user interface that makes it accessible at any skill level.
  5. Free Features
    One of the best things about AI Purity is that you can still get all the amazing results from our free model version which includes a quick overview result, deep per-sentence analysis result, and a minimum of 5,000 characters to be checked at a time.
  6. Paid Features
    At an additional cost, the character limit is lifted for premium users making AI Purity a great tool for educational institutions and even businesses to ensure the quality of written content. Premium users get to enjoy batch file uploads, paraphrasing detection capabilities, detailed PDF reports, and color-coded analyses on top of the features from the free model version.
  7. Original Content Assurance
    There’s an oversaturation in written content that exists online today which makes it even more relevant to use an AI checker like AI Purity for the assurance that the content you consume online is truly valuable and most importantly, original.
  8. Plagiarism Prevention
    Using an AI checker, specifically AI Purity, helps uphold academic and professional integrity by avoiding intentional or unintentional plagiarism.
  9. Writing Improvement
    Using AI to assist in writing will undoubtedly rise as language model-based chatbots continue to advance. Because of AI Purity’s per-sentence analysis feature, users are able to analyze their writing and improve because they can identify areas in their writing where AI assistance has become prominent.
  10. Research Assistance
    Researchers can utilize AI Purity to enhance the reliability of their work and ensure the sources they cite are original, genuine, and not written by AI.
  11. Content Quality Control
    AI is used greatly to assist in content creation which isn’t always inherently unethical. However, content creators can use AI Purity to ensure that their content is predominantly human-written before it is disseminated to the public as a tool for quality control.
  12. Marketing and SEO
    For digital marketing and SEO, organic and original content is crucial to maintaining search engine rankings and establishing user trust. Publishing purely AI-written content could prove to be detrimental to the trust you’ve built amongst users and digital marketers can use AI Purity to ensure the organic quality of the content they put out.
  13. Privacy Protection
    Netizens who are concerned about the spread of misinformation can make use of AI Purity’s detailed reports to identify unoriginal and AI-written content online.
  14. Content Verification
    AI Purity can be a valuable tool for journalists and fact-checkers so they can verify the content they read online and verify their authenticity.
scholars using AI detection tools to uphold academic integrity

Who Benefits From Using AI Detection Tools?

The widespread use of AI across various industries and domains means the benefactors of AI detecting tools have become extensive.


AI detecting tools come in handy to ensure student research papers, essays, and assignments are original works done by the students themselves and uphold academic integrity.


In an era of AI-generated and fake news, journalists can utilize AI detectors to verify and authenticate news to combat the dissemination of disingenuous sources.

Content Creation

To ensure quality content, AI detectors can be used to maintain a balance between human creativity and art created with AI assistance.

Marketing and Advertising

AI detectors can hold marketers and advertisers accountable and guarantee that promotional content does not heavily rely on AI.

Legal and Compliance

AI detectors can also be used to verify legal documents, contracts, and the like to ensure that they are authored by humans and not AI.


Besides using it to uphold academic integrity, AI detection tools can be used to educate students about ethical ways of using AI and more about its current influence.

Online Platforms

AI detection tools are used both by social media platforms and their users to identify AI-generated content and to regulate content, ensuring both parties follow terms of service.

scholars using AI detection tools to uphold academic integrity

AI Purity’s Ethos: Honesty and Precision

You might be wondering what sets AI Purity apart from its competitors and whether we also claim to be the “best” just like the rest. With the ever-evolving nature of AI, AI Purity understands better than anyone that any claims of a flawless system are simply misleading.

The strength of AI Purity lies in its ability to provide and equip its users with comprehensive information. This empowers discerning users to make informed decisions regarding AI-generated content.

AI Purity’s Unique Approach

AI Purity isn’t like your regular AI writing checker because we strive for:

Clarity Over Concealment
We believe our users deserve to see it all which is why we will provide you with a comprehensive result that breaks down every intricacy yourself. These analytical reports are something never before seen in an AI checker. Instead of giving you a simple percentage of how much the text you’re trying to decipher is AI-written, we will not conceal any of the details that got us to those conclusions.

Guidance Over Simple Detection
At AI Purity, the results don’t stop at 50, 70, 80, or 100% AI-written. We want to guide our users and help uphold the integrity of written text across all industries by providing the most detailed results an AI checker can provide. AI Purity offers per-sentence analysis and color-coding on top of numerical results.

color coded and detailed results from AI Purity

A Beginner’s Guide to Using AI Purity

Unlocking AI Purity’s features is easier than you would think, and still, the results you get when using our platform go beyond the normal AI checker you’re used to. The team that created AI Purity wanted to ensure that using our platform was as seamless and intuitive as possible.

Here’s how you can harness the power of AI Purity in 3 simple steps.

  1. Upload The Text You Want Checked
    You can upload your text to the website in two ways. You can paste it on the text box or attach a Word file.
  2. Run The AI Checker
    When you’ve pasted the text in the text box or successfully uploaded your Word file, you can now hit the “Run AI Detection” button.

  3. Analyze The Results
    In a matter of moments, a comprehensive report will pop up. If you’re a premium user, you have the choice to download a PDF file and you’ll also get the unique color-coded feature that AI Purity is notorious for. Regardless if you’re on the free model, you’ll still enjoy the per-sentence analysis and get a detailed report about your text.

Never Before Seen Features In AI Content Detection

Paraphrased Text Detection

One of AI Purity’s greater features is being able to decipher not just AI-written text but text that has been paraphrased from AI-written text. Most AI checkers will be able to do the former but once the AI-written text has been paraphrased, it will most likely go undetected which poses a great threat to content authenticity and academic and professional integrity. AI Purity’s ability to scrutinize text with such precision and detail allows it to tell users essentially the degree to which AI’s footprint exists within the text, no matter how well it’s been tried to mask.

Our Solution

We want to uphold the purity of human-written text which is why with the help of advanced machine learning techniques, we can unveil traces of AI even when it has been cleverly rephrased in the text. It’s also because AI Purity’s system has been trained on vast datasets that we are able to recognize the origins of the text that has been fed into the system.

API Integration

Understanding that time is of the essence and with users in mind when designing AI Purity’s system, we offer API Integration so that you can seamlessly enjoy our unique features, with no disruption to your workflow. Why use an AI checker after the fact when you can check your text in real-time, right?

Batch File Upload

One of AI Purity’s goals is to consistently elevate users’ experience which we have successfully done by designing a system that allows users to upload files in batches. AI Purity aims to be the top AI checker choice for academic institutions and various business industries which is why we made sure to add this simple enough feature that can really save users time and energy.

color coded and detailed results from AI Purity

AI Purity’s mission to excel in the area of AI detection has allowed us to create and design a unique system with features that have not been available to existing AI checkers in the market. If you’re still unconvinced, you can always try out our free model at no cost and get a glimpse of just how elite AI detection can be.

AI detection is not as simple as providing a percentage result. AI continues to evolve and so have the usage habits of people, some of whom are constantly trying to outsmart the existing AI detecting tools through paraphrasing and prompting AI to generate results that will be undetectable to AI detectors. With all these factors in mind, AI Purity has found a way to uphold genuineness, originality, and authenticity.

AI Purity takes pride in helping shape a world where AI does not pass off as human-written text and where there is accountability for those who try to spread inauthenticity and misinformation. Take a stand for upholding integrity by choosing AI Purity. Go to today and see what all the much-deserved hype is all about!

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