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Essay Checker: How To Foster Ethical AI Use In Classrooms

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Using an essay checker is beneficial to many people. In the dynamic landscape of written communication, the demand for clarity, precision, and excellence has never been more pronounced. Whether you’re a student striving for academic success, a professional tasked with creating compelling messages, or an individual who is passionate about writing, the need for a reliable essay-checking service, especially with AI being so readily available, is an undeniable need.

This is where AI Purity’s free essay checker feature emerges as a game changer in the writing industry, with its seamless integration of artificial intelligence to enhance anyone’s writing experience.

Using Chat GPT from a phone making it extra accessible for students

AI-generated Essays Changing The Professional and Educational Landscape

In recent years, the need for essay checkers has risen along with the more common use of artificial intelligence in generating text. In an article written by Inga Kiderra from the University of California published in Phys.Org, a study shows that even the most confident educators are having trouble recognizing AI-generated essays. This poses a great threat to upholding academic integrity especially since students are using artificial intelligence to submit assignments and essays.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego pose questions like whether it’s possible to tell whether an essay you’re reading is human-written or AI-generated and experimented in a regional high school. The research tested both teachers and students on how well they’d be able to decipher between AI-generated essays made in Chat GPT and student-written essays. The results showed that 70% of the time, teachers were correct in deciding whether an essay was human or AI-written, while the students’ results were at 62%.

The teachers’ results shouldn’t have been alarming, after all, 70% is a passing score. But according to the researchers, the results should be above 90% only if it was easy to tell the difference between a human-written or AI-generated essay. The researchers found it surprising that teachers who were experienced with Chat GPT and were teaching English in high school found the task “challenging”. Another surprising finding the researchers gathered was that teachers were more likely to accuse the essay as AI-generated because it was well-written, even when it was originally authored by an actual student. This proved to have quite the implications in a real-world classroom setting, said the researchers.

The researchers, Gail Heyman, a professor of psychology from the University of California San Diego School of Social Sciences, and Tal Waltzer, Heyman’s postdoctoral fellow, aim to consolidate best practices for educators and students to follow in regards to using AI ethically. Without a doubt, the task of essay checking is now more than ever challenging for educators especially with students using artificial intelligence to generate their essays.

student raises hand in question in a classroom

Issues Associated With Students’ AI Use

Navigating the ethical landscape of students employing AI in educational settings concerns originality, intellectual growth, and the role of technology in academic endeavors. With these 3 top issues found by ClassPoint, using an AI checker just might be what solves them.

  1. Using AI to generate essays
    Since the use of AI chatbots and essay generators has become more prominent, students have started leveraging this technology and have used it to their advantage. Students might feel using AI tools lightens the load of their schoolwork, but their teachers are concerned that they are no longer learning the way they should.
  2. Cheating
    The lines between collaboration and plagiarism become blurred when students leverage AI tools. AI misuse has grown concern amongst educators regarding fostering original thought within their students, intellectual growth, and the role of technology in educational endeavors.

  3. Misinformation
    With the use of artificial intelligence in educational settings, there is a high risk of unintentionally disseminating misinformation. This highlights the need for responsible and critical evaluation for AI use in the digital age.

Tips For Educators For Supervising Students’ AI Use

We know artificial intelligence is not going away anytime soon and we need to adapt to this technology, especially in education. Besides paying extra close attention to checking essays, here are some tips educators can implement to foster responsible AI use in educational settings.

  1. Recommend Suitable AI Tools
    Although there are discussions about it, banning AI seems to be out of the equation for now. Teachers should learn how to adapt and adopt these new technological advancements. When teachers start accepting the role of AI in educational settings, they can teach their students to practice sound judgment when using tools that the teachers have recommended themselves.

  2. Use An AI Checker Tool
    Using AI checker tools like AI Purity can help greatly when trying to decipher which student essays were AI-generated. AI Purity is so advanced in its technology that it can even flag text that has been paraphrased from AI. Students are more likely to be accountable for their work if they know their work will be run through trusted AI detectors.

  3. Make Guidelines
    Students learn by following instructions and with new technology available to them with hardly any regulation, it is much easier to misuse. If teachers establish clear guidelines for how AI can be used in their classrooms, it will educate students on how to ethically use the technology that is available to them.

  4. Fact Checking in Class
    With misinformation possibly being spread by AI, it is important to teach students how to verify information. Independent verification and fact-checking should be a common activity in the classroom so that regardless of any AI use by students, they can know whether the content they’re consuming is based on facts.

  5. Adjust Exam Methods
    To stop academic dishonesty, teachers can consider adjusting exam methods that make it easier for students to access AI and cheat. Using traditional pen-and-paper methods of writing and examination reduces AI reliance amongst students and is a tried and tested method in teaching.

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Who Can Use Essay Checkers


Since the launch of Chat GPT and other similar large language models that generate text, students have become notorious for using AI for their essays and other school requirements. It’s a big factor in the creation of AI essay checkers as well. AI isn’t all that bad, in fact, it can be quite transformative in the realm of education but only when done right. Students who use AI for school purposes would greatly benefit from an essay checker to ensure they don’t plagiarize or consume misinformation.


To combat students’ misuse of AI in educational institutions, educators looking to correct essays more efficiently can use AI checkers. Not only does it save them time when grading multiple papers, but it can also give them insights so they can provide their students with better feedback.

Writers and Authors

Writers and authors can use the help of AI to polish their written outputs. Whether you’re a professional author, journalist, or written content creator, using AI essay checkers makes the job easier especially for redundant tasks like checking grammar and adhering to a specific writing style. Doing a Grammarly check comes in handy, but now with AI in the mix, platforms like AI Purity are much needed to stop the spread of misinformation.

Job Seekers and Recruitment Agencies

Human resource departments are constantly sifting through job applications where applicants submit written documents. An essay checker app or platform will help both applicants and hiring committees to get each others’ attention. Job seekers can make sure that the documents they submit are accurate and recruitment crews can decide on the right candidates who don’t rely solely on AI when it comes to compiling their written requirements.

Non-Native English Speakers

Non-native English speakers or ESL (English as a second language) learners can benefit from an essay checker online to further hone their English writing and speaking skills. Free grammar and punctuation checkers and correctors could do the work for identifying common mistakes in writing initially but furthermore, AI checkers can help ESL learners to distinguish the difference between AI-generated and human-written text.

Content Creators

Content creators who create blogs or own websites need to be wary of publishing content with traces of AI because this could be detrimental to their SEO rankings. By using an AI essay checker free of charge to make sure the quality of written content that is shared online is maintained.


A free essay checker can help researchers maintain the academic and intellectual integrity of their papers and research material. Researchers should present facts accurately and if they do use AI in their research process, it’s important to be thorough in checking their research.

Business Professionals

Business writing such as reports, proposals, and presentations should always conduct a paper check for the accurate dissemination of information whether internally or externally. In business correspondence, maintaining a professional image is achieved when written documents are well thought out and accurate.

Editors and Proofreaders

Using an AI essay checker would be extremely beneficial to human editors and proofreaders. This is a critical role in writing and using essay corrector generators is a valuable tool for proofreading and catching basic errors. This will even allow editors to focus more on the complex aspects of writing that AI can’t necessarily duplicate.

Anyone Needing Error-Free Writing

Online users and media consumers value clear and error-free communication in many forms whether it’s emails, personal letters, online articles, and even social media copies. To enhance the quality of written outputs, anyone online could use a free essay check to ensure error-free writing.

learning how to proofread your own essay

How To Check Your Essays

Regardless of where you fall on the list above, you’ll have different reasons for why you need to check an essay or any writing material. If you don’t have access to a free essay check, here are some steps to implement. Especially in the age where artificial intelligence is used to generate essays and other written outputs, in place of AI detection tools and a free essay check, learning how to proof essays manually will come in handy.

  1. Take A Break
    If you’re an educator checking multiple students’ essays or a writer completing an essay, take a break. This will help you complete the task with a fresher perspective.

  2. Read Printed Material
    Sometimes reading a hard copy of essays or other written materials can make it easier to spot errors that could easily be overlooked on a computer screen.

  3. Read Aloud
    As you’re writing, try and read your writing out loud because it will help you catch errors and identify awkward phrasing. When using AI to generate text, AI will try to mimic human writing as much as possible but it won’t always be successful so reading out loud will help correct some of AI’s weird phrasing.

  4. Use Proofreading Tools
    So many online proofreading tools exist to help out writers and editors. There are tools like Grammarly and even Microsoft Word that have built-in spell check and grammar check features that you should be taking advantage of.

  5. Read Backwards
    This technique might not be for everyone but its disruptive nature helps you focus on individual sentences and spot errors this way. Start at the end of your essay and reach the sentence backward.

  6. Focus On One Error At A Time
    When editors proofread long-form texts, they usually focus on one error at a time. For example, it might be your best bet to do a spell check first, check the proper formatting next, and run a grammar check before doing a final read for any more contextual errors you might have missed.

  7. Ask For Feedback
    For students and inexperienced writers, asking for feedback from others is always a great way to edit your essay. It would be best to edit as best you can before letting someone else read your essay so they can act as a second proofer and see which errors you might have missed.

  8. Check Formatting and Style
    Editing the format and style of your paper is still better done manually than on essay-checking platforms online. Writers and editors know best the style and guidelines the paper should adhere to and they should learn to pay close attention to margins, font sizes, line spacing, and citation styles.

  9. Use A Checklist
    If you’re routinely checking essays, you have to have a checklist to keep you on track during the editing process. Include the common errors you spot as an editor or common mistakes you make as a writer. Refer to the checklist systematically as you review your essay.

  10. Review Punctuation
    Punctuations are common errors in writing that can easily be overlooked. Pay close attention to punctuation marks and check for consistency in comma usage, periods, semicolons, and quotation marks.

  11. Verify Facts and Figures
    Always double-check how factual the data in the written outputs you’re either reading or writing are. Especially when you’re using AI to generate text, large language models that might not be updated can give you outdated facts so never rely just on AI chatbots for your facts.

  12. Check For Consistency
    Especially for longer written outputs, consistency in your writing might not always be implemented. Be sure to check consistency in tenses, point of view, and formatting throughout the essay.

  13. Use A Different Font
    A little tip you can employ when checking written outputs is to change the font because it might make it easier for you to spot errors that you might overlook when the text is in a font you’re used to using.

  14. Proofread Multiple Times
    Patience is important when checking essays so proofreading multiple times will be needed for different different aspects of the writing. This is an iterative approach that helps catch errors at various levels.

  15. Use AI Purity
    AI Purity is more than just your regular essay-checking platform. It’s an AI-detection tool that gives you comprehensive results about your written output. It tells you how much of the text is AI-written, human-written, or a combination of both. It even has paraphrase AI detection capabilities that will come in handy in academic institutions that are upholding academic integrity and making sure their students aren’t plagiarizing.

Learning how to use AI Purity as an AI essay checker

How To Use AI Purity As An AI Essay Checker

AI Purity has so many features that make it the best AI essay checker. In a world inundated with information, the need for precise and reliable essay checking has never been more paramount. AI Purity, the latest entrant in the realm of AI detection tools, stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a suite of premium features that redefine the essay-checking experience. Here’s why choosing AI Purity is a step towards unparalleled accuracy and sophistication.

Why AI Purity?

AI Purity is more than a free online essay editor, it’s the most unique AI detection tool in the market. AI Purity goes beyond the conventional by offering a comprehensive result of the text you’re trying to check. Not only does AI Purity identify errors, but it also provides insights that will enhance your writing.

Binary AI Detection Tool (Human or AI)

AI Purity transcends traditional detection tools by introducing a Binary AI detection feature. This groundbreaking technology distinguishes between content generated by humans and artificial intelligence, ensuring a level of scrutiny that mirrors the evolving landscape of content creation.

Per-Sentence Similarity Analysis

AI Purity’s per-sentence similarity analysis goes beyond basic checks, dissecting your essay at a granular level. This feature provides insights into the uniqueness of each sentence, offering a nuanced understanding of your writing’s originality and coherence.

Whole Text Similarity Analysis

With whole text similarity analysis, AI Purity evaluates your entire essay for similarities against a vast database. This comprehensive approach guarantees a thorough examination, ensuring that your work stands out for its individuality and intellectual integrity.

Colored Text To Differentiate AI Suspiciousness

AI Purity employs a visual cue with colored text to effortlessly highlight sections of your essay that may raise suspicion. This initiative feature allows you to identify and address potential issues swiftly, streamlining the editing process.

Numerical Data (Similarity to Human)

The incorporation of numerical data showcasing similarity to human benchmarks AI Purity as a tool committed to transparency. Understand the degree to which your content aligns with human-generated writing, providing valuable insights into your writing style.

Numerical Data (Similarity to AI)

AI Purity introduces numerical data similar to AI, giving users a comprehensive view of their content’s alignment with artificial intelligence-generated text. The metric offers a unique perspective on the balance between human creativity and AI assistance.

Per-Sentence Statistics

Elevating the proofreading experience, AI Purity’s per-sentence statistics feature provides statistical insights for each sentence. This data-driven approach empowers users to make informed decisions about sentence structure, coherence, and overall quality.

Batch File Upload

Recognizing the demands of efficiency, AI Purity facilitates the essay-checking process with batch file upload. Users can seamlessly upload multiple files for simultaneous analysis, saving time and ensuring a comprehensive review of their body of work.

Choosing AI Purity

Choose AI Purity

In an era dominated by digital information, ensuring the integrity of written content is paramount. AI Purity is a revolutionary AI detection tool designed to spearhead the crusade against misuse and misinformation in the realm of artificial intelligence. With its distinctive features, AI Purity stands as a beacon of trust, championing academic integrity, transparency, and authenticity.

At the core of AI Purity’s mission is its Binary AI Detection, a cutting-edge technology that categorizes content as either human or AI-generated. What sets AI Purity apart is its user-friendly approach to presenting results. The color-coded output not only simplifies the identification process but also serves as a visual aid, making it accessible for educators, students, and anyone navigating the intricate landscape of AI-generated content.

One of AI Purity’s standout features is its provision of comprehensive PDF results, offering a detailed breakdown of per-sentence statistics. This meticulous analysis discerns whether the text is AI-generated, human-written, or paraphrased from AI sources. Such granularity empowers users with a nuanced understanding, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Educators, in particular, stand to benefit significantly from AI Purity’s arsenal of tools. As guardians of academic integrity, teachers can utilize this innovative solution to streamline the evaluation process. The color-coded results and per-sentence statistics not only enhance efficiency but also provide valuable insights into students’ writing styles and potential areas of improvement.

Beyond the academic sphere, AI Purity becomes a vital ally for anyone seeking trustworthy and authentic content online. In an age where misinformation proliferates, having a tool that distinguishes between AI-generated and human-crafted content becomes crucial for discerning readers and content creators alike.

AI Purity’s commitment to purifying the digital landscape from the shadows of AI misuse positions it as a trailblazer in the quest for a more transparent and authentic online environment. Whether you’re an educator striving to uphold academic standards or an online user navigating the vast sea of information, AI Purity emerges as an invaluable companion, empowering you to navigate the digital world with confidence and integrity.

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